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What happens if my ex wont mediate. Mediaton is a great way to resolve issues but it voluntary. Other options include going to court but you still need a MIAMS Southgate. Contact us today for help

What If My Ex Won’t Mediate?

This is a very challenging thing, when your ex is not ready to mediate and doesn’t agree for settlement.

When there is a conflict and you want that things should be sorted out through negotiation and mediation, then legal battle are not the thing you might want. As, the legal proceedings are expensive and more stressful and they might even take a long time to tell the verdict.

Mediation is a very peaceful process, which benefits both the parties, but for this both the parties must agree to attend it.

Thus, this might happen that your ex doesn’t agree to mediate, in such cases it becomes difficult to handle the situation. But, you can try asking them to attend the appointment on their own at the start.

This can help you in avoiding the tension of the couple who are having the conflict and are fighting against each other. Then, after this your ex can try finding out how all this works and can make an informed decision based on the information.

Generally, most of the people are anxious at the initial stages of mediation, but as they move ahead they get relieved and feel relaxed that their case is in the right hands. People get surprised at the way they are able to finally make agreements on issues that had previously seems impossible to sort.

So, allowing your ex to try it is the only way to make them go for mediation. Try talking to them, may be he/she will agree to it but if they don’t then you have to try mediation before you go to court.

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